Screenings of Animation films for children and families, exhibitions, educational programs, creative workshops for students and professionals, seminars, lectures.

Animafest Cyprus – Junior Edition focuses on education, from preschool level through to professional training. The main goal of this edition of the festival is the development of its outreach programs in the field of education and thus the support and cultivation of the field of Animation in Cyprus. The program present curated children’s animation films by independent artists and studios from all over the world, as well as the work of Cypriot artists. This edition also includes lectures, tributes, exhibitions, children’s competition program, workshops and specialized masterclasses in new technologies.

Animafest Cyprus – Junior Edition takes place yearly in March in Nicosia. Its target audience is children and young people, as well as educators and parents who are interested in expanding their knowledge in the art of Animation.

Educational Program—Elementary School

The goal of this educational program is the cultivation of the children’s audience in Cyprus, as well as the introduction of educators to the art of animation. We make use of our important existing collaborations with other international Animation festivals around the world for the exchange of film programs and for organizing educational workshops.

Specialized Masterclasses for professionals

A series of lectures, case studies, and workshops, with the aim of promoting the visual arts, illustration, and animation. These series include workshops and seminars with experienced professionals such as screenwriters, artists, animators, educators, producers, directors etc.

Children’s Film Competition program

The award for best film will be selected after a vote by the children and young people in the audience.