Labbé Élise

Elise Labbé has been working for numerous years in different positions at the National Film Board of Canada, national public producer of award winning and creative works in Canada. Head of festivals and audience development since 2011, she has contributed over the years to launching hundreds of animated and documentary films.

After receiving a Bachelor in Visual Arts from University of Montreal, she became passionate about the extraordinary works and artists that were collaborating with the NFB. Since then, she has worked with the biggest names in contempory animation and documentary filmmaking and has been investing much time and energy to defend their films. She has received the Queen’s Jubilee Medal for outstanding achievement in public service.



Jean-Luc Slock was born in Köln (Germany). Is involved in animation and music since 1979, founding the Camera-etc animation studio. He travelled around the world, leading numbers of animation workshops and organizing professional animation trainings. He also was general secretary of the Asifa Workshop Group, journalist at the Annecy Festival, jury member in several international animation festivals and for a while teaching animation. At the same time, he played as percussionist in many concerts around Europe. Since 2005, he’s producing numbers of animation films such as « Orgesticulanismus »  from Mathieu Labaye, « Hair » from Delphine Hermans, "The Walker" from Frederic Hainaut, aso… He’s running a 14 people team studio in Liège, Belgium. Besides collective and author productions, the NGO Camera-etc leads plenty of cooperation projects around the world.



Georges Schwizgebel was born in Switzerland in 1944. After studies at the Ecole des arts décoratifs in Geneva he worked in an advertising agency for several years before founding the GDS Studio with Claude Luyet and Daniel Suter in 1970. Since then, he has been producing and directing 19 short animated films that particularly concentrate on the medium of painting on cels. Alongside his filmmaking career he also creates posters and frescoes.