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Submission for the festival implies acceptance without restrictions of these regulations and of interim decisions by the organisation, so please take time to read the regulations carefully and thoroughly.

1. Deadline for submitting your films in the International Shorts Competition categories is March 31, 2024.

2. Deadline for submitting your films in the National (Cyprus) Shorts Competition category is June 16, 2024.

3. Short films must not exceed 40 minutes in length.

4. Films submitted for Countryside Animafest Cyprus must have had the première after 1 January 2023. Films from before that date will only be accepted in consultation with the festival. 

5. If your film was submitted for a previous edition of the festival it won’t be valid for entry in Countryside Animafest Cyprus 2023, unless agreed otherwise with the festival organisation.

6. Awards will be given to the directors of the winning films.

7. Films will be screened in their original language.

8. Films containing dialogue in any language other than English or Greek must be submitted with English subtitles. 

9. When notified their film has been chosen to participate in the festival, the producers or directors are required to send a copy of the film in the screening format stated at the link: how to submit your film.

10. Film excerpts of no more than 10% of the total running time (with a maximum of 2 minutes) may be used for publicity (internet, TV, etc).

11. The producer or the school or the world sales company cannot withdraw the film from the festival once participation has been officially submitted. 

12. All the successful entrants will be notified of their participation in the festival. Due to the large amounts of submissions that the festival receives we are unable to give comments on individual films prior to submission or offer feedback for unsuccessful entries.

13. The decisions of the international jury regarding the awards will be announced to the winning directors, the festival website, social media and the press.

14. The Festival wants as many filmmakers, artists and authors to visit the event. For participating international films, we offer accommodation for one director per film (up to four nights), unless agreed otherwise. 

15. By submitting your film you will be asked to register your contact and film details. These details will only be shared with Countryside Animafest Cyprus. Countryside Animafest Cyprus, ensures this information will never be used for anything other than direct contact from the festival and will never be shared with anyone else.

16. All the festival entries may be stored in the festival archive and used for research and educational purposes. Countryside Animafest Cyprus will never use a film that permission has not been granted for.

17. Submission for the festival is free of charge, you do not have to pay a fee to compete in the festival. Furthermore, we will not pay a screening fee for films in competition. If you submit a film for competition, you agree to offer your film to us free of charge.

By participating in the festival, you agree with all that has been stated above.