Animafest Cyprus 2018. Call for Entries!

Animafest Cyprus Views of the World announces the call for film submissions and invites you to submit your films to the following competition categories.

17th Countryside Animafest Cyprus - Views of the World (July 17. - 21. 2018)

1. International short film Competition (Grand Prix Dimitris Eipides) – Prize: 1,000 euro 

2. National (Cyprus) short film Competition (best film) – Prize: 500 euro 

Deadline for submitting International films: February 28th, 2018.

Deadline for submitting Cyprus films: May 31st, 2018.

Animafest Cyprus Junior (Nicosia, March 14.-17. 2018)
Short films for Children in Competition (best film) – Prize: 500 euro
Deadline for submitting Short films for Children: January 21st, 2018.

There is no entry fee.

Online Entry Form

Animafest Cyprus, the official Cyprus animation Festival, showcases a selection of the world’s latest productions, focusing on independent, non-commercial films. Featuring competitions, expert seminars & masterclasses, workshops, exhibitions and special screenings.
See also festival Regulations or how to submit your film and the online entry form
Looking forward to your film submission and participation at Animafest Cyprus 2018 !!!

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